The Most Popular Competition Horse Breeds

Horses have special biological characteristics that help them to adapt easily to challenges. Some horse breeds are fast over short distances while others can endure long races. Other breeds have long legs which enable them to jump over obstacles with ease. With the necessary training, some horse breeds are formidable in racing. Here are some of the most popular competition horse breeds.


This horse breed has an amazing jumping ability. This is due to their strong legs. The Association of Breeders of Oldenburger Horse ensures continuity of the Oldenburg horse breed by breeding and managing them. This horse breed also has a remarkable gait.


This horse breed is named after its place of origin which is the East Prussian State farm in Trakehner. Trakehner horses have a height of about 68 inches making them great at horse jumping events. Most of these horse breeds are black in color. It is the lightest warm-blooded horse. The Arabian and Thoroughbred bloodline in this horse breed makes it pacey and have great stamina.


This horse breed is considered a hot-blooded horse. It is known for spirit, speed, and agility. It has an average height of 65 inches and weighs about 1,200 pounds. This horse is good for jumping and dressage racing events.

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