The Calmest Horse Breeds

Just like human beings, horses have different personalities. The personality traits in horses depend a lot on the breed. Here are some of the calmest horse breeds that even a beginner can ride.

American Quarter Horse

This breed came by as a result of mixing thoroughbreds with Spanish and American horses. Quarter horses are stocky and small. They have incredible agility and display great speeds over short distances. These horses are loved due to how easy it is to train them and their will to work. This horse breed is perfect for beginners as it is calm under pressure.

Morgan Breed

This horse breed can work, race, compete and act as a great companion when riding. The Morgan has an arched neck and a slight dish in the neck. This type of horse has immense beauty and a great personality that makes it the first choice for many riders. Morgans are not fiery and cannot be easily spooked.

The Appaloosa

They are known for their great disposition and spots. They are versatile and have immense ability in all fields. They are calm and perfect for kids who are learning how to ride.

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