What to Wear When Learning to Ride

Riding a horse is an enjoyable activity but it does require some lessons to fully understand the safety basics. This is quite a physical hobby, so you should have a basic fitness level before you start. You will be using muscles to grip and control the horse and will probably build up quite a sweat while riding. An element of good balance is also essential. It is vital to wear the correct clothing to stay safe and remain comfortable.

What to Wear for Your First Lesson

Some basics have to be adhered to, such as wearing a helmet, suitable footwear, and long pants, but apart from those, you can select fashionable activewear nz for style and comfort. The riding school should supply you with a helmet, and you should wear this at all times when on the horse. The correct footwear is equally important, and it should have an enclosed toe and a heel of approximately one inch.

The Correct Pants

The number one rule here is not to wear jeans. They will not be stretchy enough to allow for all the movements you will need to make, and the seams will rub against your legs. The best place to buy your pants is Aim’n who have a vast selection of styles and colors that will be suitable for horse riding. Their seamless tights are an ideal choice, as they won’t make your legs sore and are very comfortable. Their high waistband ensures they won’t slip at a critical point of your lesson.

Keeping Warm While Riding

The majority of your lessons will undoubtedly be outdoors, and horse riding is a year-round hobby. To find the best clothing, head to the outdoor collection at Aim’n, where you will find warm jackets. You can choose from reversible jackets, faux fur, fluffy, or fleece in several colors. The reversible jackets have light padding that is warm but not bulky. And when the lesson is over, you can replace your riding helmet with a cozy Aim’n beanie hat.

Keeping Fit for Riding

Having enjoyed your first lesson, you will probably wish to continue your newfound love of horse riding and gain a level of fitness to make it easier. You can hit the gym in style with Aim’n activewear and stay comfortable in cropped sweatshirts and sculpting bras. The website also has a great selection of yoga pants if you need to take classes to increase your balance and flexibility.

Learning to ride is great fun, and if you stick to the necessary clothing, you will be warm, safe, and comfortable.

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