Mad About Horses

It is not hard to love everything about horses; they are amazing creatures, strong, and also very sensitive. A lot of horse lovers get hooked at a young age, take riding lessons and never look back, but there are those who just prefer to watch horses, showjumping, and racing, such as the Grand National.

Horse Riding and Skincare

One of the downsides of enjoying an outdoor sport such as horse riding, or horse racing, is the effect that it has on the skin. The weather can take a toll on the skin even if it is not sunny outside, and this is where verso super facial serum and a good skincare routine can help. Regular use of moisturizers and serums will keep the skin looking healthy even on the warmest or windiest of days.

Being outside on a horse or sat at the race track means you are at the mercy of the weather. Start your skincare routine early; it is better to prevent aging skin than to try to deal with the effects at a later stage.

Most Famous Horses

Arguably the most famous steeplechaser is Red Rum. This is a horse that was never expected to do anything and even had terrible feet. He won the Grand National three times and came second twice. That is really quite a feat.

Nijinsky is a legend on the flat; he won the British Triple Crown in 1970, and no horse since has been able to match it.

One of the most infamous horses has to be Shergar; back in 1981, he was a record-breaker, winning the Derby by 10 lengths, but just two years later, he was kidnapped, and no one has ever seen or heard of him since.

Sefton, the cavalry horse, became a symbol against terrorism after surviving the Hyde Park bombing and eight hours of surgery.

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