Horses and Plants

A horse owner will need to keep an eye on what plants it comes into contact with. Some are edible and have nutritional benefits for the animal. However, others can do them serious harm. The app Planta is beneficial for identifying unknown plant species. It can be utilised by equestrians in a number of ways.

Growing Edible Plants

Keeping a horse can be very expensive. In fact, the financial responsibility of such a task is enough to put many people off the idea. One method for easing the monetary strain is to become more self-sufficient. For example, the horse owner could grow their own vegetables instead of buying them from a shop. The app from will allow them to understand what these plants need in order to grow. Horses are able to eat a wide range of different vegetables. Popular examples include turnips, carrots, celery, corn, lettuce and sweet potatoes. The horse should be given a balanced variety so that they ingest all of the required vitamins to stay healthy.

Identifying Harmful Plants

Horses tend to be sheltered in stables at night. However, in the daytime, they might be allowed to roam in a field freely. This environment can be host to a range of dangerous plants. For example, the foxglove is known for its toxicity. Deadly nightshade is also harmful and relatively abundant. The problem is that many of these plants do not have very sinister appearances. In fact, some look attractive and even edible to horses. It is therefore essential that the owner identifies any that the horse may encounter. Planta will make this a much easier task to perform.

Creating a Calming Environment

Houseplants are popular because they can create a calming effect in humans. Placing multiple ones within a work environment may significantly boost a person’s mental wellbeing. Therefore, stable employees could utilise them. Well-positioned plants are sure to make the horse’s home seem less bland. The animal might also appreciate the extra greenery. Planta allows people to care for their flora in an effective manner.

Light Meter

However, not all plants will survive within a horse stable. These environments do not let in much light. Therefore, people have to be more selective about the plants that are stored within one. This is another reason why Planta is so helpful. The app contains a light meter that shows which plants are suitable for darker interiors.

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