A Passion for Horses

Those passionate about horses live and breathe for the animals, introducing the subject in many areas of their daily lives. Not only are they obsessed with caring for and riding these beautiful creatures, horse fans like to surround themselves with equine-related objects. After a long day at the stables or racing across fields or learning some new dressage moves, what greater pleasure than admiring your horse-themed home!

Horses in Your Kitchen

After your busy day, your first task might be to head to the kitchen for a nice cup of tea or coffee. In keeping with your passion for horses, you can purchase some delightful mugs and teapots from Royal Design, depicting your favorite animal. Take a look at the range from the designer Muurla. They have some gorgeous mugs and bowls with the title of Pippa and the Horse. These cute characters will brighten up your day and remind you of why you love horses so much.

Children and Horses

If you have a young family, it won’t come as a surprise if they were to follow in your footsteps and enjoy the company of horses. To encourage them, you could invest in a rocking horse as a gentle way of introducing them to this splendid animal. A quick glance at the Royal Design store will reveal a gorgeous example of a rocking horse designed by Kay Bojesen. I imagine finding this under the tree at Christmas!

Browse at Your Leisure

There is a vast range of items at Royal Design that will blend in with your lifestyle. If you have an hour or two to spare, put the kettle on, grab your favorite teapot and prepare to be amazed at the affordable choice of products. The website is easy to navigate, and simply by entering the word “horse” in the search bar, you will discover some fascinating products to style up your home. With contemporary and more traditional designs, every horse lover will be galloping off to their laptop to browse at their leisure!

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