Trends in Horse Keeping/Equine Industry

The equine industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. This industry has lots of segments ranging from horse and rider training and organizing racing events. With such a lengthy period of existence, you can guess that the industry has had huge changes to keep running. Here are some of the trends in the equine industry right now.


Equestrian fashion was not fashionable in the past. It was embarrassing for one to leave a riding lesson and head to town in the same dress. Equestrian fashion is now trendy among people of different age groups. Riding garments are made using technical materials. This has helped eliminate stiff wax jackets. Horses now use rugs that do not rub patches. Horse riders now feel proud walking to town in horse riding garments as many people now appreciate the fashion.

Social Media

The absence of the internet in the past made it very difficult for horse-keeping industries to communicate. They were forced to communicate using fax, post, or telephone. Organizing sponsorship and events were very difficult in the past. Even after the introduction of the internet, it took people some time to get into social media. A large percentage of coaches and riding schools are now online. This has made it easy for people to seek training and also organize racing events.

Connection with Horses

Horse riding trainers are training horse riders to be one with their horses. A showjumper was seen competing at a showjumping event without a bridle. That showed that the rider had a great connection with the horse. Horse coaches are now teaching this practice to help make an awesome future in the horse industry.